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Cradle Yourself in Cool, Supportive Sleep

Get the Most Restful, Restorative, Comfortable Night's Sleep Ever!

Only Airmax by Restform gives you what sleep experts say you need—custom support for your head, neck, and shoulders so that your spine stays cradled in its natural curve. The 65 million air-infused microspheres in the unique tri-chamber design respond to your every move—automatically conforming to your personal contours and giving your body the comfort and support it requires.

65 Million
Air Infused

Allow air to circulate
Keep you cooler
Support the natural curve of
your spine
Allow for a good night's sleep

No ordinary pillow—not down, not polyfill,
not even memory foam—can measure up to the
custom comfort and support you'll find with the
Airmax pillow. You can get the most restful, restorative, comfortable night's sleep ever—Every Night!

Sleep experts will tell you that for comfort, you need the proper support of your head, neck and shoulders. You need that natural curvature of the neck and the Airmax pillow keep your spine naturally aligned for the most comfortable restful restorative sleep ever!

See what real customers have to say about the Airmax pillow:

Kelly Kuziel – Feels Better, Sleeps Better

My neck felt so much better and I was able to sleep and it was always fluffy and it just conforms to your neck while you're sleeping. It's great.

Jerry Britt – Comfortable From The Start

I got the Airmax, and there's no wiggling around to get comfortable. I lay down on the Airmax and I'm comfortable right away.

Eliana Mera – Comfort & Support In Any Position

I think it's the beads within the pillow. They mold in the shape of my neck and my head and it's still a firm pillow.

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